Common Misconceptions about Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry in its broadest sense, is any dental procedure that enhances one’s appearance. It’s mostly focused on the aesthetics of dental work in regards to colour, placement and shape, size, and alignment, and the totality of dental aesthetics. Geetanjali Dentail Options will make you feel comfortable and happy with your smile. It’s also the most modern dental care facility in Delhi and is the top dental clinic for cosmetics in Delhi.

Misconceptions about Cosmetic Dentistry

1. Cosmetic dentistry can be costly.

Modern materials and advanced technologies can help reduce expenses, allowing the us (dentists) to carry out procedures more effectively and efficiently. In addition, many dental practices cooperate with their patients to offer the affordability of their services, as well as payment plans and financing options, which allow patients to spread the cost of their treatment over time.

2. Cosmetic dentistry is a lengthy process.

You don’t need to wait months to get the new look, unlike the case with clear braces or dental implants. Cosmetic dental bonding as well as professional whitening can be done in just one dental visit. Certain veneers can be put in within a single visit and others may require two or three visits.

3. Teeth whitening damages teeth

The whitening treatments provided by dentists are more secure and more efficient than the over-the-counter strips for whitening. In the dental office there are two options for whitening. The first is a special gel that is exposed to a specific type of light dissolves the stains on your teeth. The second is a customized tray that you can take home to apply the gel to your teeth daily during the two-week period. This tray is shaped to fit your teeth with precision and protects your gums from bleaching agents.

4. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can be painful.

Dental fear is a common occurrence. Dental anxiety – or, in the most extreme instances dental phobia is usually due to a fear of the pain. Dentists today go to great efforts to ensure their patients feel as relaxed as they can when they undergo dental procedures, which includes cosmetic procedures.

Talking about your concerns with your dentist in advance of the appointment allows you to consider and formulate the best plan to ease your stress and increase your comfort level. The Geetanjali Dental Options  offers the most effective laser teeth whitening in delhi and is the top advanced dental treatment facility in Delhi.

5. Cosmetic dentistry can weaken teeth.

In the ideal scenario, cosmetic dentistry will give you an attractive, healthy smile. In the end the dental health that your mouth is your primary factor to take into consideration. Cosmetic dentists are not going to alter your dental health nor dental strength just to enhance your appearance. This is the reason discussing your options in terms of treatment is important. Geetanjali Dental Options  dentists will inform you what procedures are the best match for your needs and which aren’t.

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