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gum-bleeding-treatment-in-delhi bleeding-and-swollen-gums-treatment causes-of-gum-bleeding-Sensitive-Teeth.In Gum Disease Treatment we will be discussing Causes of Gum Bleeding, swollen gums, week gums, Bad breath/halitosis; and Gum Bleeding treatment in Delhi / Bleeding and swollen gums treatment, Pyrohea and Bad Breath Treatment (Halitosis Treatment)

What is Gum disease?

Gum disease involves inflammation /swelling of gums and supporting structure of teeth (surrounding bone of teeth) which later leads to bone loss and loss of the tooth. Gum disease is another common reason for toothache.



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My Gums use to bleed alot,i went to many dentist none was able to fix my problem untill i met Dr Puneet Arora who suggested me proper treatment for this and i am very much satisfied.i recommend

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What are the common signs and symptoms of Gum Diseases?

  • Bleeding Gums: Bleeding Gums while brushing /Constant Bleeding Gums / Painful Bleeding Gums / Severe Bleeding Gums / Bleeding Gum Disease 
  • Bad breath / Halitosis
  • Pyorrhea 
  • Gimgivitis / Gum Inflammation / Swollen Gums
  • Loose Teeth / Mobile Teeth / Periodontitis
  • Sensitive Teeth 
  • Gum recession: Teeth Started looking longer 

Before reading anything further,first see the fate of Bleeding Gums and loose Gums leads to tooth loss at an early age.


What are the Stages of Gum Disease:-

stages of gum disease Geetanjali Dental Options:Gum Bleeding Treatment in South Delhi ,Gum Disease Treatment in South Delhi,Periodontal Treatment in South Delhi ,Bad Breath Treatment in South Delhi,Pyrohea

Periodontal disease also commonly referred to, as Gum disease also called pyrohea is frequently the cause for tooth loss in adults.

What are the causes of gum bleeding and swollen gums?

Plaque and calculus, which contains bacterias when it starts accumulating below the level of gums, Leads to irritation in gums lead to activation of gum recession and bone loss. We can see some signs and symptoms like Bleeding gums, swollen gums, Bad breadth, irritation in gums and some times sensitivity in teeth and at later stages, we can see shaky or loose teeth and ultimately loos of tooth.

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What is the Treatment of Bleeding and swollen gums?

Swollen and bleeding gums treatment can be divided into two parts non-surgical and surgical,

which further can be decided post detection of the stage of the disease and according will be the treatment as determined by the dentist. Gum Bleeding Treatment in Delhi is available at Geetanjali Dental Options. 

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Bad Breadth Treatment in South Delhi

What is Bad Breath or Halitosis?

Bad Breath also called halitosis, describes a markedly obnoxious odour that is exhaled on Breath of individuals. Though it is not a serious health condition, it can adversely affect our interpersonal relationships.

What are the Reasons for Bad Breath?

  • Temporary Bad Breath like with Garlic/onion:We are quite familiar with the fact that consumption of certain foods like onions and garlic can affect our Breath. Because these types of foods are mainly absorbed by the bloodstream, and then it is transferred to our lungs. Thus we exhale bad Breath. However, the bad Breath that is caused due to the consumption of certain foods is temporary, and the body eliminates it after few hours.
  • Dental cavities: Dental cavities are the source where food particles start pooling in small amounts. Leads to increased bacterial activity food debris and oral bacteria produce unstable sulfur compounds due to which the person exhales bad Breath and foul smell.
  • Periodontal Pockets: If bad Breath is exhaled due to gum disease/pyrohea, then immediate medical attention is required. In gum disease or pyrohea, the gums tissues are pulled away from the teeth, and deep pockets are formed where odour-causing bacteria is accumulated.
  • Plaque and calculus: If plaque and calculus keep on accumulating, it starts pushing beyond the level of gums leads to bacterial activity below gum level and activation of gum diseases, which again leads to bad breath.

How to eliminate Bad breath / Halitosis treatment?

Bad breath treatment includes finding the cause first and treating them one by one to remove bad breath /mouth smell completely.

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