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Crown and Bridge

A CROWN is a dental restoration also known as “CAP” which covers the entire tooth.   It may be required in case of:

  • Extensive damage by decay.crowns in delhi by best dentist in delhi
  • Fractured, chipped or sensitive teeth.
  • Root canal treated teeth.
  • Esthetically compromised teeth.


  A BRIDGE is a combination of CROWNS/CAP placed in case of a missing tooth/teeth with teeth on either side of the open space. The teeth on each end of the space are prepared and used as anchors for support.

bridge by best dentist in delhi       We provide a variety of crowns and bridges, such as:                 variety  in crowns

  • All ceramic crowns (Metal Free Crowns):Zircon and LDS


  • Porcelain fused to metal (Ceramco/Jacket Crowns)


  • Metal Crowns




How Cappping is done?  

crown prepration by best dentist in delhi


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