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smile-makeover-geetanjali-dental-optionsWhat is Smile Makeover?

Smile Makeover is a wide term which involves improvement in smile by changing shape ,color,lenght ,position of teeth or gums.




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100% Satisfied. My sister took smile makeover treatment from Dr Puneet 2yrs before she is happy with the smile. Last week i fell down and My front 2 teeth broke i called Dr Puneet he attended me did Root canal that too was painless and finally today he gave me Naturally looking crowns. Even i am not able to make out that some thing happened to My front teeth. Thanks for boosting confidence in me again with My new smile.

Dr Anupam Bhardwaj



Smilemakeover by a Student From JNU


Thorough and detailed consultations with all pros and cons of different treatment methods available. And, great attention to detail while executing the procedures. He is aware of all possible ways a patient might react to a particular treatment, and provides help accordingly.

I did root canal for 4 teeth and crowns for 6 teeth; it was a great experience.
Costing is also reasonable; actual cost was very close to the given estimate.


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instant gap closure | bonding

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Smile Makeover


Lets see more details about Smile Makeover

As said Smile Makeover is improvement in smile by changing shape ,color,lenght ,position of teeth or gums.

Tooth Color

Bright and White teeth teeth are signs of young age and who dont want stay young .

so we have 3 options either you can go for

:- Laser Teeth Whitening

:- Crowns

:- Veneers

Tooth Shape and Size

Tooth tends to wear off with age and graduually start looking shorten in lenght,so Long teeth will give you young look. some people have broken or chipped teeth and some have deformed teeth they all can be restored to normal looking teeth. This can be achieeved by either Crowns or veneers that dentist will decide.

Tooth Position

Some people have zig-zag teeth,crooked teeth that can either be corrected by Crowns or orthodontics (with braces or Without Braces)

Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth Can be replaced either by Implants or Crown and Bridge


# Veneers

veneer is a thin layer of tooth like material, which is placed over the existing tooth surface with minimal preparation, to improve the esthetics of a tooth with regards to color or position.

Veneers can be used for:

  • Fractured teeth
  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Malpositioned teeth
  • Discoloured teeth
  • To lengthen short teeth
  • smile desigining.

There are two types of materials used to fabricate a veneer; composite resin and dental porcelain.

:- A composite resin veneer is directly placed by the dentist on the tooth on the same day.

:- A Porcelain veneer is fabricated in a dental laboratory and later bonded to the tooth by the Dentist.

# Crown

# Teeth Whitening

# Bonding

# Dental Implant

# Orthodontic Treatment (with braces or Without Braces)

Why one Should Opt for Smile Makeover?

Smile Makeover is a blessing to dentistry it can let people regain there lost confidence by more younger and brighter looking teeth. Better the smile better will be confidence and more you succeed in life.


Patients need to maintain good oral hygiene and follow dentist’s advice

What Is The Cost Of A Smile Makeover Procedure

Smile Makeover is not just one procedure but a combination of several different procedures. While some require a major correction, others can need fewer. Thus, smile makeover cost can vary from person to person,but that can be discussed over consultation.

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