👉 Patient's Experience During Corona times

CoronaVirus / COVID 19

Geetanjali Dental Options
Dentistry During Covid -19 / Coronavirus 2019

DO VISIT for following dental emergencies ONLY

Mild to Severe Dental Pain

Third Molar/Wisdom teeth pain

Tooth fracture leading to pain and soft tissue trauma.

Diffuse oral swelling/abscess.

Ongoing Root canal procedure.

Extensive caries with pain (Pain in a tooth with cavity).

Faulty fillings causing pain

Suture removal.

Ongoing orthodontic procedures.

Children having dental pain and swelling.


DO NOT plan routine dental procedures for next one or 2 weeks  :-

Routine dental checkups

Do Not do dental scaling as aerosols are contagious

New orthodontic cases

New implant cases

Painless caries

Extraction of asymptomatic teeth

Routine dental cleaning

Cosmetic procedures



No appointment to foreign national until situation declared control by goverment..

No case with fever, cough or sore throat accepted for treatment.

No case with history of international travel in last 14 days accepted for treatment.

Every patient is examined and treated using disposable consumables and sterilized equipment.

Entire operatory is disinfected after each patient.

Surgeries are postponed untill very urgent that too after wearing full Personal protective equipment.

New set of equipment using Autoclave class B (kills all viruses) is used for each patient.

Biomedical waste management guidelines are followed thoroughly.

Good hygienic practices and sanitary measures followed.

Instructions you should follow per guidelines issues by government.

Wash your hand with soap and water many times in a day.

Use a mask only if you have cough or running nose.

Avoid unnecessary gatherings and travel.

Prudent Social Distancing is the key to combat Covid-19


FOLLOW These Instructions if  You are planning to Visit :-

Do not come if you have fever, sore throat, cough

Do not come if you have history of international travel in last 14 days.

Do not come if you have history of contact with a positive COVID 19 case.

Don’t bring attendants and children as visitors in dental clinic

In any of the above situations contact your nearest Government health facility


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