Have you ever experienced that sensation of sudden painless and sharp toothache following eating an ice cream or chilled beverage? A quarter of people suffer from sensitive teeth. They are protected from the outside by enamel as well as the dentin layer inside that contains nerve endings. So, if there’s an enamel crack and there is something incredibly hot, cold, sweet, or sour, it can result in a certain amount of tooth sensitivity. It may last between just a few seconds to hours.

What is the reason for the tooth’s sensitivity?

  • A loss of enamel could result from the application of tough brush
  • Tooth erosion
  • Consumption of high levels of drinks and foods that are acidic
  • Tooth decay
  • Gums that have receded
  • Teeth grinding

Here are six methods to ease the discomfort of your teeth.


A majority of these toothpastes prevent dentinal tubules forming and may reduce sensitiveness of the teeth. There are a variety of toothpastes designed that are formulated for sensitive teeth is available on the market. They work by utilizing certain. It is essential to use them in a correct procedure. It is recommended using them for 3 weeks. Then, you can use your normal toothpaste for about a week before switching to the toothpaste with the sensitivity.


The use of a tooth bristle that is extremely hard or toothpaste that is very aggressive can reveal the dentin layer of your teeth, which may result in sensitive teeth. Be sure to use the softest toothbrush possible, and use a gentle approach when brushing your teeth.

3.) AVOID ACIDIC Food and drinks

Lemons, carbonated drinks and others. may cause tooth erosion which exposes dentin underneath. It is essential to stay clear of drinking too much of these types of foods along with drinks. Avoid cleaning your teeth after consumption of these drinks because they can cause weakening of enamel, which could cause more rapid erosion.

4.) FLUORIDE Applications

Fluoride is able to penetrate the tooth and form stronger crystals that resist erosion’s effects. It is suggested to apply them often during the course of the day, depending on the degree of sensitivity.

5.) Night guards are used to protect the premises.

Teeth that are worn by grinding can cause enamel to wear away and cause increased tooth sensitivity. Night guards are a great way to decrease grind frequency as well as the force that is put on your teeth.

6) Treat the GUMS that were RECEDED

It is the layer of cementum protects the root surfaces during gums receding. The force generated by a brush can cause the cementum to break leaving dentin exposed, which results with sensitive teeth. It is suggested to use products that contain fluoride or to repair gum tissue.

The most effective method to deal with sensitive teeth is to figure out the reason. You can begin treating your pearly whites right now by gently brushing your teeth with a soft bristled brush every day at least two times brushing, flossing, and using an oral rinse.

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